Topics in the e-Guide

  • Previous vs current position
  • Sectors allowing 100% foreign equity ownership
  • What is Non-Legal Control
  • What is MDTCA
  • Requirements for foreign equity ownership
  • What is Legal Control
  • Why you should invest in Malaysia
  • Shared Prosperity Vision 2030

Malaysia has successfully transformed herself from a poor low-income nation with an economy dependent on two commodities – tin and rubber; into an upper middle-income nation with a diversified industrial economic base. As Malaysia moves into a digital economy era with a focus on Industry 4.0, the Malaysian Government continues to roll out more forward-looking and inclusive policies to encourage sustainable growth along with fair and equitable distribution of wealth.

This e-guide briefly provides an overview of the previous, current and future positions of the Government policies, specifically in respect of foreign investment and wealth distribution.

About the author

Edwin Lee

Edwin is a partner in an innovative and forward thinking law firm, Gan, Lee & Tan (GLT Law). Edwin has advised a range of companies from technology startups to multinational corporations on a range of matters including cross-border M&As, venture capital financings, foreign investments in Malaysia, general corporate, commercial and employment issues, e-commerce, digital media, digital and electronic signatures, online payment systems as well as data protection and privacy matters. Edwin is a firm believer in coming up with practical, strategic and business-oriented solutions, while helping his clients see the big picture, rather than allowing small details get in the way of completing the deal. Edwin speaks frequently at conferences, and writes articles for magazines, newspapers and the firm’s blog.